The Internet serves people in many ways, from business to personal contact. Perhaps the greatest use is that of a learning tool. A tool that gives anyone, anywhere, and at any time, access to information on any subject. With this access comes the potential to teach those that never have had the chance to learn.MAL

The world changes with the passing of every second on the clock of history. The changes are sometimes sutble, while at other times the course of history is reversed or brought to a standstill. But time continues to move forward. Now is such a time, the forces of good must again defeat the forces of evil and the people who think everyday is a bummer.-MAL

Once upon a time in the world which we live, there were people who made their sole purpose in life solving problems that made the average person struggle to just survive. Pieces now exist to make this goal quite acheivable without having to struggle against massive headwinds. The hardest part now is just beginning. So overcome fear to make it happen.-MAL